Kiit is built in 100% Kotlin and depends on Java. The Kiit CLI generates new projects using the Gradle build tool.
If you are new to Kotlin, refer to Kotlin for more info.


Installation of Java, Kotlin, Gradle and Kiit is fairly easy. We recommend the following installation steps and centralized location for simplicity.

Tech Required Version Instructions
Java Required >= 8
Gradle Required >= 6.7
IntelliJ Recommended >= 2020.2


The Kiit CLI is a command line tool ( based on HomeBrew on Mac OS ) that can be used to create projects

    # Note: install may take a while on Mac OS Catalina 
    # See notes/issues below

    brew tap slatekit/kiit
    brew install kiit


You can create your first app by running the command below which will create a new console application with support for :

argscommand line args ( -env=dev )
envsenvironments ( local, dev, qat, uat, pro )
confsconfiguration files ( per environment and inheritable from a base config )
logslogging support ( using logback )
helphelp usage and more

This is just 1 type of project you can create.

    # Generate new app ( into current directory )
    :> kiit new app -name="Sample1" -packageName="mycompany.apps"

    #  navigate into the generated app 
    :> cd Sample1

    # Build and run
    :> gradle run


You can create several different project types using the generator, these include CLIs, APIs, Jobs, and more to come.

    kiit new app -name="SampleApp1" -packageName="company1.apps"
    kiit new api -name="SampleAPI1" -packageName="company1.apis"
    kiit new cli -name="SampleCLI1" -packageName="company1.apps"
    kiit new job -name="SampleJob1" -packageName=""
    kiit new env -name="SampleApp2" -packageName="company1.apps"


There are also several sample applications available in git at Samples


There are various runnable application types you can create with Kiit. See the links below for more docs and guides on how to get started with them.

App Server Runnable App Template
CLI Server Command Line Interface
Server Server Http Server ( using Ktor ) and our Universal APIs
API Server / Console Universal APIs
Jobs Android / Server Pausable Background jobs/queues library