Kiit is production ready as of January 2021 and being made generally available. Many components are marked as stable and few are still in beta and/or only meant for internal use. There is also a Homebrew installer for Mac OS for using the Kiit CLI tool to create new projects.


You can check the current releases at Releases


Summary and status of all components available in Kiit.

Component Docs Version Target Status License About
Foundations: Libraries used by most projects
Results Android / Server Stable Successes / Failure Modeling
Utilities Android / Server Stable Utility Components
Context Android / Server Stable Stores Common Dependencies
Actors Android / Server Stable Micro Actor Library
Applications: Runnable apps and services
App Server Stable Runnable App Template
CLI Server Stable Command Line Interface
Server Server Stable Http Server ( using Ktor ) and our Universal APIs
API Server / Console Stable Universal APIs
Jobs Android / Server Stable Pausable Background jobs/queues library
Infrastructure: Infrastructure components
Cache Android / Server Stable Caching library
Core Android / Server Stable Infrastructure Abstractions(Files, Queues, etc)
Notifications Server Stable Email, SMS, Slack, Push
Tracking Android / Server Stable Diagnostics related library
Data: Database related modules
DB Server Stable Convenient datbase operations over JDBC
Query Android / Server Stable A light-weight SQL Query builder
Data Android / Server Stable Repository pattern for data persistence
Entities Android / Server Stable Light-weight Data-Mapper for models/tables
Support: Misc support libraries and tools
Slate Kit Server / Console Stable Slate Kit CLI for MacOS
Generator Server / Console Stable Project templates and code generator
Providers: 3rd Party Integrations
Logback Android / Server Stable Logback logging provider for Slate Kit logs
DataDog Android / Server Stable DataDog metrics provider for Slate Kit metrics
AWS Android / Server Stable AWS S3, SQS provider files/queues
Connectors: Connects 2 or modules together
API / CLI Server / Console Stable Makes Universal APIs run on the CLI
API / Jobs Server Stable Makes Universal APIs accessible from jobs/queues
Entities/DB Android / Server Stable Makes Entities/Databases available in the Context
Internal: Internal libraries (not for public use)
Http Android / Server Stable Thin library on top of OkHttp for RPC calls
Meta Android / Server Stable For Reflections and meta-programming
Policy Android / Server Stable For middleware and enforcing policies like once, every
Serialization Android / Server Stable Custom serializer/deserializer for Slate Kit Universal APIs


Upcoming developments and features

Item Type Desc
1 Infrastructure Additional Infrastructure abstractions and AWS integrations ( Documents, Streams )
2 Linting Automated linting via ktlint
3 CI/CD Automated builds and artifact publishing
4 Docker Docker integration in gradle builds/projet templates
5 Generators Improved code and API doc generators
6 Multi-Platform Project improvements to support Kotlin Multi-Platform iOS and Javascript
7 MBaaS See details below for more info